Back Pain Treatments

Suffering through back pain is a serious issue that plagues a lot of people of all ages. Many people determine that they can just live with the pain and hope that it never returns. But for Dr. Rhonda Werner at Werner Family Chiropractic, there is no reason why any person should live with constant back pain. If you are struggling with back pain and wonder how a chiropractor can help you, here are some ways to help you live pain-free.

The Top Ways a Chiropractor Can Help You with Back Pain

Most back problems show up when a spinal joint slips out of place and needs to be adjusted. But here are a few more ways that a chiropractor can help you.

  • Your chiropractor will determine what the problem is by ordering X-rays and a general evaluation. Once they determine where the problem is located, they will proceed to devise a treatment plan.
  • Most conditions will require some manipulation to the spinal column and other joint locations. Your doctor will meticulously work their way around the area and adjust the areas causing you the pain.
  • Depending on the issue, you may also find a change in diet is warranted, primarily if weight issues contributed to the problem.
  • You will be encouraged to exercise and stretch daily.
  • Pressure devices may also be used to manipulate areas and help correct the problem gently. These devices are used throughout several appointments so your back has time to heal between treatments. 

There is no need to live with constant back pain any longer. Dr. Werner at Werner Family Chiropractic is here to help you stay pain-free and live an upright life. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first appointment, you are invited to call us today at (803) 329-6361 and speak with our staff today. Dr. Werner knows it is necessary to correct the problem so you can feel better today.

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