Prenatal Chiropractic

Werner Family Chiropractic with Dr. Rhonda Werner can provide you with the prenatal chiropractic care in Rock Hill, SC that you need. We have years of experience in this field and feel comfortable providing specialized and effective care. Before working with us, it is worth understanding this process further to ensure that you choose the best care for your needs as a parent.

Is It Safe?

While stereotypes about vertebral adjustments might make them seem unsafe to some women, prenatal chiropractic care is very safe. Our experts fully understand the potential complications and take great pains to minimize your risk. Dr. Werner is specially trained to provide this hands-on care and will keep you and your child healthy and pain-free. In this way, you can get high-quality prenatal chiropractic care in Rock Hill, SC, without worrying about the effects of more invasive or medication-based therapies.

How It Helps Women

This type of chiropractic care is designed to help women dealing with the increased weight of pregnancy and the hormones that weaken their ligaments and joints in anticipation of childbirth. Just a few of the ways that this care method may help with your pregnancy includes how it:

  • Minimizes back pain during pregnancy
  • Improves comfort and overall stability
  • May improve your delivery process
  • Increases your overall health quality
  • Could decrease delivery pain

These benefits make this treatment a wise idea for many women. It is important to talk with your chiropractor and general practitioner before getting this treatment to ensure it fits you.

Care Options Available

When you work with Werner Family Chiropractic, you can choose from a variety of different care options that can improve your overall health. Dr. Werner regularly trains, learning more techniques to help you. Some of our most popular treatments include methods as diverse as:

  • Traditional chiropractic care adjusted for your pregnancy health
  • Diversified care that takes care of your whole body
  • Webster treatment that uses alternative adjustments to meet your needs
  • Activator Methods that integrate specialized tools for precision adjustments
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction that provides maximum benefits with minimal movements

Before we treat you, we sit down with you to help you understand what techniques make the most sense for you. We always take time to diagnose our patients before we begin. Doing so helps us provide the most appropriate options for your needs and minimize any complication risks from worsening.

Learn More About Your Treatment

At Werner Family Chiropractic, Dr. Werner can help pregnant women decide on the best treatment option for their needs. She can provide prenatal chiropractic care in Rock Hill, SC, that meets your health requirements. Please make sure to call us at 803-329-6361 to learn more about your care options and to take better care of your overall chiropractic health.

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