Posture Correction

Are you having trouble attaining proper posture? Dr. Rhonda Werner at Werner Family Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC, offers personalized posture correction to help.

The Role of Chiropractic Care in Posture Correction

“Sit up straight.” “Don’t slouch.” These are things we’ve all heard, especially as kids and teens. And most of us have probably – at least in our minds – rolled our eyes when we heard it. While those instructions could be irritating, they were actually wise words – words we should continue to heed as adults. In the guide below, Dr. Werner and the team at Werner Family Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC, explain why posture is so important and how a chiropractor can help with posture correction.

Importance of Good Posture

The spinal column is a combination of various hard and soft tissues designed to hold you upright and support your body and movements. Each of these components can withstand a specific amount of pressure in its proper alignment.

When we practice poor posture, we are putting undue pressure on those components. For example, when your head is leaned over just one inch, it is putting up to 12 pounds of additional weight on the neck and upper back. Slouching increases pressure on the entire back. Unfortunately, this can lead to a wide range of issues, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, herniated discs, and more.

Chiropractic Care for Posture

Unfortunately, many people have practiced poor posture for so long that it’s a habit. For others, years of poor posture have damaged the spine, making it nearly impossible to achieve good posture on their own. In either case, chiropractic care can help in many ways, including those listed below.

  • Assessment: In order to correct posture, your chiropractor will need to complete a physical examination as well as gather information about habits, lifestyle factors, symptoms, and more. This will allow a personalized plan to be developed.
  • Adjustments: Restoring the alignment of the spine can be critical for eliminating issues that might prevent you from maintaining good posture. It also helps undo the damage that's already been done.
  • Soft tissue techniques: At times, muscular imbalances are responsible for poor posture. Soft tissue techniques address these imbalances, making good posture easier to maintain.
  • Therapeutic exercises: Targeted stretches and strengthening exercises further help correct muscular imbalances. They also help strengthen the core muscles that provide the necessary support to the spine.

Your chiropractor can also work with you to make the necessary adjustments to your daily life to make good posture more natural.

Receive customized and lasting posture correction by visiting Dr. Werner at Werner Family Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC. Call (803) 329-6361 to schedule your appointment today.

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