Nutritional Counseling

Wellness, Fitness, and Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Rhonda Werner has headed up Werner Family Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC, for over fifteen years. 

In addition to chiropractic adjustments and other alternative health services, she provides nutritional counseling. Nutritional wisdom consists of help and guidance for,

  • Specific doctor-ordered diets
  • The need to lose weight
  • The desire to learn to eat healthily

Smarter Nutrition

Dr. Werner at Werner Family Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC, meets her patients' nutritional counseling desires through various resources. 

  • Educational workshops
  • Healthy strategies for weight loss
  • Supplementation
  • Complete analysis
  • Patient food desires

Our doctor encourages eating compliance focused on food preferences. The chances are that you will not comply with a diet that contains foods you dislike. Including food likes offers a higher level of flexibility. Learning to eat healthy foods in appropriate amounts every day must become a way of life. A lifestyle change wins over a diet any day. 

Our doctor devoted her life to teaching patients how vital organs and the body's systems affect each other. Eating habits affect the body as a whole and not just one system.  

Poor eating habits open the door to disease processes and illnesses because poor diets do not feed the body what they need. Being malnourished increases your vulnerability to many chronic diseases and illnesses, including diabetes, heart failure, kidney disease, and more. You do not have to be skinny to be malnourished. An obese person does not usually suspect that they are malnourished. They may even make light of this fact. But consistently eating the wrong foods eventually leads to severe complications and illnesses. 

You Need to Want Help with Your Eating

Call Dr. Werner of Werner Family Chiropractic, 1267 Ebenezer Rd, Rock Hill, SC, at 803-329-6361 for nutritional counseling. Our doctor gives you the tools to get on the right dietary path, bringing your weight into an ideal range considering your age, body type, bone structure, and height. 

We can help you get on the right track to eating right and becoming physically and mentally fit and healthy sustainably. Diets do not last forever, but learning to eat healthily can and does become the positive lifestyle change you need. 

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